The Importance of Computer Games Guide

Many computer game enthusiasts make sure that they are not left behind with newly released games. However, there are so many computer games that are produced daily and the fast development of games may leave some players outdated. There are also countless new computer games in each category that and you may waste more time choosing what suits you best. How can you cope up with the newly released games?

A computer games guide is a detailed e – magazine that can introduce you to all new and upcoming online games. By using this type of guide, you can learn about new games in detail so that you don’t have to go through each game and play their free trial.

There are free guides available all over the web however you still need to be careful about visiting some sites as there may be hidden viruses. A computer game guide may provide flash demo versions of the new computer games. Most guides are nearly always furnished with new and complete information about the games.

Computer games guide consists of the following:

  • A detailed story guide
  • A virtual walkthrough of the parts of the game
  • Solutions to some problems to be encountered
  • Maps
  • Codes to stages
  • Reviews from well known game enthusiasts
  • Wikis and cheats
  • Upcoming games
  • News
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Legitimate game sites

Many computer games need to be played skillfully and game guides are provided to help the players to progress by providing hints and cheats to overcome the next obstacle. A good example of the importance of computer games guide is for a game which falls in a category called the hidden object puzzle adventure. If you play a game with hidden objects and you have a hard time looking for some things, the game guide can prove invaluable, as it provides hidden codes so that you’ll be successful in your mission.

A computer games guide also provides strategies or maps that can be of great help when you are testing a game on your own before buying it. You just need to download your preferred game from a legitimate online store and then insert the code given by the guide. The guide will specify which stage or level you will be able to use the code.

The main goal of a computer games guide is for you to be able to make a wiser choice when it comes to buying pc games.

Computer Games: For Work and Play

Did you know that playing computer games can give you an opportunity to start a new career? The job is to create and testing computer games. Aside from being a source of fun and excitement, playing computer games can now also be a source of income.

There are some people who are called computer games addicts, they just can’t help but spend more time online downloading and playing games. Many of these gaming fanatics are highly skilled in sound logical reasoning, achieve victory, game after game. If you are one of these talented and skillful people then you might want to start a new vocation by designing better computer games for others players.

If you don’t have enough knowledge on programming computer games then you could at least play games and identify any flaws or bugs to be fixed. Your contribution is very important to the designers of computer games and, along with the payment for testing the games, you also get to play some really cool new games, even before they are available to the public.

Games Designers

There are job offers for computer programmers and designers to create games in different categories like maze games, races, treasure hunt and others that require you to put up teams or armies and lead your forces. From basic flash;  various codes, scripts and algorithms are used to created exciting games. If you want to be familiar with the process first then you can start creating small pc games.


It is normal for a newly developed game to have bugs and tester’s are required to detect them. A computer game tester needs to be a creative thinker and have the ability to reason logically to actually spot flaws and bugs in a computer game while playing it. If you are a computer game enthusiast then you can contribute ideas to make a newly designed game more fun and exciting. You can earn money just by playing the unreleased, newly designed game and providing your feedback to the designer. Just download the free games from the designers to play them numerous times and analyze the game-play.


The amount of money that you will earn depends on how much work you do and who you work for. Some reliable gaming websites offer jobs for designers and game testers. This is a fast paced field with great demands for top computer games professionals who can provide quality service by using their skills and talents.

PC Games Review

PC Game – Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector’s Edition

Centuries ago, the first Red Riding Hood Sister established the Order of Red Riding Hood Sisters and defeated the big bad wolf. The avenging evil Wolf Queen entraps the Red Riding Hood Sisters and sends a legion of ravaging wolves into our world. You are the only fable detective who can stop the evil Queen and save the Order of Red Riding Hood Sisters in this hidden object pc game.

PC Game – Heaven & Hell

Angelo the angel is not like other angels, he prefers to sit around his computer and play with his Faith Book account all day long instead of helping God. God has not been so happy with Angelo’s habit so He gives him a special task and sends him to the bottom of the nether world. There, little Angelo must retrieve seven stolen artifacts and find his way back up to heaven.

Join Angelo in this enchanting pc game which is a matching adventure for all ages. You need to help little Angelo rescue the stolen artifacts in Heaven & Hell: Angelo’s Quest and return to heaven before supper.

Play over 200 fun levels in Story, Puzzle, and Endless approach while retrieving the stolen artifacts and challenging minions of the deep. Enjoy great pc games, release special power-ups, and earn masterful triumphs.

PC Game – Adelantado Trilogy: Book One

Do you like to explore the fabulous secrets of the jungle that hide in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One? Discover and salt away the lost expedition with Don Diego De Leon, the brave and noble officer. Make friends with the natives who can be of help to you. Help the natives restore their buildings, harvest foods, and create a settlement. Improve your skills to get all the treasures and achieve marvelous trophies in this challenging pc game.

Enjoy this exciting Strategy game by feeling like you are amongst the first to set foot in Adelantado. Your quest may not be easy because you might have more fun exploring the island and forget that you are on it for a reason. The Spanish-inspired soundtrack will make you feel the island is yours. Set your preferred difficulty settings ranging from relaxed to hard, and ten vast maps to explore. You will receive a bonus map if you can complete the rest of the levels with a gold rating. Do not forget to save the lost expedition and have fun treasure hunting!

These exciting pc games will surely challenge you and give you fun at the same time!

Advantages of Playing Online Games

Playing online games is one of the reasons why youngsters and adults stay online for many hours. Online games are challenging and fun and there are lots of categories such as action, adventure, dress-up, cooking games and more.

There are several advantages of playing online games and here are some:

Play at the Comfort of Your Own Home

You don’t need to leave your house to enjoy playing these games online. If you have a computer and internet connection at your home then you are ready to play online.

If it is your first time to play games online then start by searching a safe site that offers a wide variety of games. Make sure that your computer has anti-virus and anti- malware so that your computer and your games will not be affected.

It is Cheap and Affordable

Online games are downloadable games that come with individual or wholesale prices. You can save time and money when you compare computer games’ prices online. Gauge the prices and always remember that there are online games stores that offer wholesale prices. If you buy in bulk, you may find that you get a significant discount on the original prices. Some websites that sell computer games offer freebies if you buy 3 or more games.

Some games are cheaper and may suit your taste. Typically games are priced according to the category they are in but sometimes, price does not reflect the quality – it represents the amount of profit or commission some sellers put on the price.

When buying online games, you need to be sure that the online store you are buying from is legitimate. There are pirated games that are offered at ridiculously discounted prices so you really need to educate yourself  on the going rates of the games you want to play. Comparing prices online is a safe way to buy from a legitimate website.

Deep Relaxation

Many people play online games to achieve relaxation from a tiring day. When you choose a game for this purpose, if it’s the right one, you will have fun and forget about your stress.

New Online Games

There are new games released almost every week so you will not be bored by playing the same game over and over. Make sure you sign up to the sellers newsletter so you will be notified of newly released games.

Computer Games: Great Gifts for Kids

There are many computer games available in the market so making them a gift for kids is a great idea. Choosing the right game for your child is as simple as looking through available games until you see one that your kid would love. There are computer games that are appropriate for a child of any age and any intelligence level that will provide endless fun and entertainment.

There are also educational online computer games that can be a great gift to a growing child. There are many online games like puzzle games, word games, memory games and more that can contribute to your child’s knowledge. These educational games are so easy and may simple involve moving a paddle back and forth or up and down, or organizing simple words out of letters.

Computer games as gifts are a great idea especially for kids who loves to draw, to write poetry, to make music, and more. These are games that can help kids increase their hand and eye coordination as well as teaching kids through interactive lessons.

Some computer games that are appropriate for older kids are the role playing games. These computer games should only be given to older kids, as they may be quite multifaceted and involve a lot of reading. Action and adventure games are also for older players that require comprehension from the story line. These games may involve action, space adventure, fighting and situational games.

Computer games are not expensive to make as a gift.

You can save time and money when you compare computer games’ prices online. Gauge the prices and always remember that there are online games stores that offer wholesale prices. If you buy in bulk, yoy may find that you get a significant discount on the original prices.

Computer games are a contemporary gift idea for children that give a great deal of surprises, fun and they last a long time. Purchasing computer games are a bit complex too, make sure you know what to consider when buying computer games online. Ensure that you check the rating system for computer games as the rating makes it easier for you to pick an appropriate computer game as a gift for the kids. The rating determines the proper age, graphics, stories and the violence of a specific computer game. There are several reviews about one online game and it will give you an idea if this is a game that you would prefer and if it is good enough for the kids. There are also forums about online games, you can join and ask what games are right for the age of your kid.

If you are not sure what to buy, get your kid a voucher to buy computer games online. Your kid will have the chance to choose the computer games that they like. Guide them on how to get their games, just choose a game on the gift voucher site, click buy button, enter the coupon code then submit your order so that he can start playing right away.

Play Computer Games on Your Spare Time

Computer games have been a very popular past time for everyone. Who doesn’t love to play online games that can give thrills and chills? It has been known that playing computer games is one of the most effective ways of de – stressing. This is the kind of stress reliever that will not break your bank account unless you take it seriously. Whether you are an adult, employee, business owner or student, playing games can effectively relax your mind and body. By playing these enticing games, you will never be away from fun and enjoyment.

Computer games offer a proficient means of amusement with their striking graphics and amazing visuals.

When you play computer games in your spare time, it will keep you occupied throughout the game with the interesting stories. With the evolution of technology, these games have developed a lot. These exciting games allow you to play with multiple players in a real time environment with their interesting story lines that ensure a great gaming experience. There are gamers that are interested in playing fighting games as they like more action and suspense filled games. However, there is still a wide range of categories to play from, high speed racing games, fighting games, horror, mystery, shooting and if you like a more relaxing environment you can also play some word games, vocabulary enhancer, puzzle and etc.

The player doesn’t need a separate gaming console to play these games as they can be played easily on your home PC. You just need to download your preferred computer games online then you can play it instantly. Just make sure you install the best spyware on your computer to prevent viruses and malware that can damage your game and your computer. You need to visit the right site to have a safer game and unlimited enjoyment. You don’t need expensive consoles because you can enjoy online games on any device that could connect to the internet.

When you connect online, you may compete with other players with their virtual characters. You can find personal computer games in a range of DVDs and CDs which can be bought from the online stores.

There is an increasing demand for computer games and people can find more enhanced computer games that are available for purchase with the online shops.

What to Consider When Buying Computer Games

Computer games are flooding the internet and you may find it quite difficult to pick which games to load. It is even harder to choose because today’s games have so much variety. The advertising that gaming companies put into their websites make it even tougher as everything just seems so appealing and you want to buy each product. When you buy a computer game, make sure that you know what computer game you like and when you purchase it the product comes with a CD key. A CD key guaranteed that the game you purchase is original.

Here are the things that you should consider before buying computer games online:

Identify your Preference

Tone down your preferences. To make the purchasing of computer games easier, you need to tone down your preference according to the game categories. The market is full with game categories like strategy, role playing, action, racing, adventure or simulators. Identify which of these interests you to play. Look for the games categories’ customer satisfaction ratings to help you pick your preferred game.

Play the free demonstration. Playing the free versions of the games that you are eyeing will help you find out whether or not you really like the game. Many online computer game stores have a free trial period so you can test if the game you desire really suits what you’re looking for.

Try to know more about your choice. Take a look at the computer game’s content, it is usually in the story board and help button of the online game.  Read thoroughly through the website of the computer game to check the plot and game play.

Price is not always the case. You may be led to believe that cheaper games online are not so interesting to play with and it also doesn’t mean that expensive games are better. Sometimes, the games’ prices are not based on its quality but it is about sellers who add more commission than others.

Most of the websites of the computer games come in cheaper prices with freebies if you buy 3 or more games.

Quality. Purchase your preferred computer games online from a reliable website. This way, your computer is secured from any malware or viruses. A reliable and safe website permits exchanges, refunds or returns.

Putting in mind these considerations when buying computer games online, will make you absolutely contented and more than happy to play that game.

Computer Games Reviews: Latest Computer Games

Here are the reviews of the latest computer games online:

Haunted Halls: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore Collector’s Edition

Are you ready to begin your journey in a mind-bending world of the weird in Haunted Halls: Revenge of Dr. Blackmore? Prepare to wake up in the burrow of the tarnished Dr. Blackmore while he holding your fiancé and a handful of other people hostage in different settings throughout the building. You can save them all by using your intelligence and your hunger for survival in a series of nightmarish experiments that Blackmore has invented especially for you. Hold your breath in the twists of this computer game in its exciting Hidden Object adventure!

Dreams from the Past

Discover a mysterious hidden secret in Dreams from the Past! Dianne is a photographer from New York who has strange dreams from the past that haunts her. It always starts with a reoccurring dream where a couple has broken up. The question is, who are these people in her dreams? What does this dream mysteriously hold? Help Dianne by using your skills in this hidden object and puzzle game and seek this love story that is lost within time.

E.P.I.C: Wishmaster Adventures

Sue is one of the many young girls who often dreamt of their prince charming who would come and take her far, far away. Sue grew up on her Uncle Fred’s bee farm where one regular morning, something astonishing happened – an enormous starship landed in the center of a field, taking Sue on the first of many implausible adventures. Help Sue as she solve mysterious puzzles, riddles, harsh challenges and face difficult decisions. There are many wrecking monsters, insatiable slave dealers and cruel Horror Soldiers who wants to become the captain of the space ship. Search for Sue’s long-lost, much-loved father and discover the secrecy of her birth in this hidden object puzzle adventure game – E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures.

Amusement World!

Amusement World invites you to have the time of your life in this nostalgic hidden-object computer game. This park is inspired by some of the magnificent amusement parks in the world, but with an innovative charm of boardwalks and carnivals. From skee-ball to dart throwing to target shooting, all of the classic carnival games are here. With four diverse lands to walk around and enjoy its own theme and unforgettable characters, there is always something for everyone to love at Amusement World!

Educational Online Games for Kids

Educational online games are one of the best ways to teach kids without boring them. If you have a kid, you must provide a learning process for them to be taught and have fun at the same time. There are a wide variety of online games (like puzzle games, word games, memory games and more) that can contribute to your kids’ knowledge .

When you don’t have personal computer at home a common learning mechanism is the use of colouring books. Books that have your kid’s favorite characters and fun to color are best tools to learn more about colors and develop the identification skills of children. Did you know that you can get online games for colouring books as well?

Puzzles are also great way to develop your kid’s problem solving abilities. Using puzzles, your children will find ways to attach certain pieces to complete the puzzle. Most puzzles teach kids on various topics such as farm animals, birds, nature, and so much more. Puzzle online games are also available online.

Word games are games that can absolutely develop your kid’s vocabulary, be they online or offline. It is easy to find online word games and some sites even offer free trials. Bookworm is one of the most popular online games. Your kid needs to form words by linking the letter tiles going in any direction (left, right, up or down) to get a score. The player gets a larger bonus for longer words that are formed. Letters in the grid can be scrambled to make it easier for the player but at a cost. Created words are recorded by clicking “submit”. Burning letters should not be allowed to reach bottom as they spell catastrophe.

Monopoly online games are best when you want to slowly introduce business management to your kids. Monopoly can be played offline or online.

In online games, you play Monopoly after you download the game. You build your fortune as you buy, sell and trade the world’s most famous properties. It’s classic Monopoly fun like taking a ride on Reading Railroad, building a house on Baltic Avenue, or buying up the whole neighborhood. This is also a great opportunity to bond with your kid as you already know how to play monopoly offline, you may teach your kid to learn and play this game online.

These are more online games that are educational and when you do your own research you may find many types of games that are suitable to your kid’s learning.

There are many online sites that offer free downloadable games which promote brain development and skills enhancement for your kids.

Reasons Why PC Games are Cheaper than Console Games

Today, the younger generation is very well educated when it comes to computer entertainment. The children are typically entertained by the high visual effects that computer games provide. Popular devices for playing games are personal computer and consoles, but what are the differences of the two game devices?

Differences between PC Games and Console Games

Console games are interactive video games that can be played through a portable hand-held device that has joysticks or built-in buttons to control characters in the game. The console device should be connected to a monitor to display images and graphics. The games are usually stored on a disc that is placed in a console however today as technology evolves, games for the console can be downloaded with corresponding fees. Popular consoles are Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite, Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP 300.

Personal computer games are also called as PC games where games are available through online download and games can be played through a personal computer.

PC Games are Cheaper than Console Games

Although the 2 types of games have the same objective which is to provide portable entertainment to the children and adults, they still differ in price and the reasons are:


Console games are registered legally while many PC games nowadays are made and distributed in bulk to reach out the majority of players.


Console games – carefully controlled by major engines with copyrights and legal protection. The software use in administering console games are quite complex that are impossible to be modified by anyone.

PC games – software used in these games can be easily revised as they use software intended for creation of video games. Nowadays, there are many people who are well versed with video animation so it is easy to copy, modify and distribute PC games. The software is purposely made easier by the developers so they can design as many games as possible. PC games are even made affordable today as there is a huge number of alternative software accessible for anyone.

Storage medium

Personal computer games are usually stored in the form of CD, DVD, and download.

Consoles games are sold as cartridge. A new version of games are controlled in terms of distribution so that console gamers will be encouraged to buy immediately.

The price of console games is usually higher than $10 from PC games. However, it is still in the preference of the players on what type of games they are more comfortable.